Capital Advisory for Owner-Operators in Alternative Asset Classes and Operating Businesses

There is endless nuance associated with the repositioning and consolidating alternative assets and operating businesses. Lenders are increasingly bullish on industries and asset classes that show cyclical resistance and strong fundamentals however their internal decision-makers do not always have intimacy with the sectors themselves. Fervent provides solutions in packaging, presenting, and doggedly assuring execution on the part of the lender.

Fervent Capital Strategy

Capital Strategy

Answering “What are we trying to achieve?” before “What is available to us?”

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Capital sources are in the business of lending and investing. Let us show them why you, the strong operator, are the scarcest and most valuable piece of their business.

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Fervent Execution

Third parties, layers of approval, timeline management – If you’re under the gun to perform, we should all be.


Acquisition (Merger) Financing

Buy & Sell Side Advisory

Construction & Development Financing

Expansion Financing

Opportunistic Refinancing

Distressed Refinancing

Distressed Note Sales

Capital Sources

National and Regional Banks

Local, Community Banks

Credit Unions

Debt Funds

Life Insurance Companies

Bridge Lenders

Private Debt Investors

Private Equity Credit Divisions